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Giving Inspiration at the Empower Me Conference

My Experience Speaking for Motivated and Empowered Inc.

It was on honor to be brought in as an inspirational speaker to the 3rd Motivated and Empowered conference to share my experiences on growing a business as a teenager. Motivated and Empowered Inc. now has 3 chapters, in Atlanta, Nashville and Cleveland. Bianca Crawford, the CEO and founder of Motivated and Empowered, has dreamed big of helping girls move out of their circumstances and create a meaningful and successful life. To that end, she created a Cleveland weekend of learning, inspiration and practical help to encourage girls ages 10-18. (Although, truly, the adults present were equally inspired!)

The weekend took place in a club wing of the Cleveland Browns stadium. It was chock full of special moments. I attended the Sunday brunch, where I joined Judge W. Mona Scott, Councilwoman Meredith Turner, and Bianca in sharing our personal stories and giving practical tools and advice on how to achieve. We explored how to unlock our innate potential by pushing passed anything that we may think confine us.

Good mentors are so important. It is equally important to recognize that everyone has something they can offer to another person. I began contrasting two experiences that I had when I asked someone for advice. I then highlighted what was helpful and what was hurtful. It was gratifying to be able to share methods on how each person can empower themselves so that they can share their unique light with others.


– Bianca Crawford, CEO of Motivated and Empowered

Many mothers attended the brunch as well. It was a beautiful tribute to all the mothers and mother figures that are truly the inspiration behind so much of what we accomplish. Bianca shared a beautiful message of how she came to respect and create a positive relationship with her mother, even though her mother was not the one who raised her. I found it very powerful how she reminded everyone that she is indebted to her mother simply because without her mother she could not have been brought into the world.

Bianca and her wonderful team do not miss a beat and are already planning their next conference in 2025, themed “I Bloom.” To learn about more about their events and their mission be sure to look up their website.

Would you like me to be an inspirational speaker at your next event? Please reach out!

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