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Flowers for Corporate Events & Offices

How Flowers Set the Mood for Our Corporate Clients

Often people ask us why corporate events need flowers. Most corporations are looking to be as efficient and as cost effective as possible. So flowers seems like an easy thing to cut.

It may be logical decision, but it completely omits emotions. The same virtue that makes flowers seem purposeless actually makes them POWERFUL. Flowers are living but they are cut from their life source. This requires one to live in the moment and encourages a certain liveliness that one gets when they know something is only around for a limited time.

Flowers have such gorgeous pigments and as everyone in design knows, color truly conveys emotion. (Think of “Inside Out” – Mayesh, one of my fabulous suppliers, even made a contest over flowers inspired by emotions!).

First I thought I’d find a few sources to quote on this to back up my claims. Then I realized it is unnecessary. If you don’t believe me pick up a bright bunch at the grocery. Place a few stems in the kitchen, a few in your office and a stem next to your bed. Notice how your mood improves.

Just recently I was at a meeting and I brought a customary bouquet along. The woman chairing the meeting couldn’t get over how much life the little bouquet brought to the boardroom. It is wonderful just how cheering a few stems of flowers are.

Event Flowers

A corporate account of ours called up to order flowers for an event. She leads the corporate events at a tremendous real estate company, and the company was making this event to announce a new sustainable investment they were making to improve the downtown environment. What could better serve to excite all the attendees than large bursts of fresh greenery and lush white flowers?

Office Flowers

Another luxury service we provide are weekly or bi-weekly fresh deliveries. By using using long lasting blooms, your office, apartments, or condos can constantly have beautiful, seasonal arrangements.

Sometimes clients recognize the value of having flowers around but don’t want to deal with the hassle of regular deliveries. With the advent of lifelike faux flowers and plants, we can help with that as well! Our white glove service includes an onsite consultation, sample showing and installation of beautiful faux arrangements. We can also come for seasonal touch ups to add in or swap some of the blooms to give am updated and seasonal look to your space. (Yes, the plants and cherry blossoms below are faux!)

There are many ways to add flowers to a corporate account! Are you representing a corporate account and would like to chat about adding flowers to your next corporate event or office space? Please reach out! We would love to hear about your needs and create the perfect solution!

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