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I was several days overdue,

watching David from Mayesh doing an Instagram live on the most exquisite Japanese blooms and I KNOW. I simply must have these as my baby flowers. I knew they would be perfect for the arrangements for my for my soon to be son’s bris. For those unfamiliar, a bris is a circumcision ceremony that doubles as the naming ceremony and happens on the 8th day (as long as he is healthy and cleared to be in good health for the procedure) after a Jewish baby boy is born. Now this is a highly emotional (this is in total disclosure, even for the unemotional me…) postpartum time.

More relevant to or tale, a bris is simply a DISASTER to plan for. First of all, there is no set date, which is rather stressful for type-A people. To exasperate that, I was waiting to go into labor naturally, so there was no real way to even ballpark that date (a full week over with my first! Is anyone else in that painful club??). Secondly, as we were inching to my due date, I was getting more and more anxious and I was ordering all sorts of things. Adorable teddy bears and satin tablecloths were arriving…..

All my shopping was certainly making me feel better, but it was also locking me in with my design. This is a dramatic thing to do without knowing the flowers I’d be able to use. Some of you are rolling your eyes at this point (can I hope for a few vigorous nods?). Hello Gila, you can just figure out something when it happens there will be something that works! However, I’ll ask you to scroll back to the beginning. See, I KNEW I had to have the new Japanese product as my baby flowers- and at our Cleveland mayesh branch, that meant you needed about 2 weeks lead time to preorder. And you really can’t preorder without knowing the date…!

Baby finally arrived,

5 days overdue, and that is when my baby flower miracle happened! The perfect mayesh pull appeared on my Instagram feed!!! The perfect colors, perfect product and I just knew it would be perfect…. When Lindsey confirmed she could shoot, I knew the moment would be captured perfectly! Now, for the set up. 

That should have been the easy part… I enlisted my super freelancer, Anna, and my fabulous sister. However, I guess it is easy to forget that even easy things take time. And when yo get very little sleep with a newborn, easy things take a lot more time than you are used to scheduling for… my gorgeous teddy bear stencil (to have cocoa teddy bears on top of my cheesecakes) didn’t make it off the dining room table. (Not that they were missed, but they must be memorialized somewhere!!) Let’s just say that I promised my husband that I won’t party plan postpartum again…

After all was said and done, we are very blessed, and it was a beautiful event. We are so grateful! And we got so any compliments… that my HUSBAND may be the one now who would like to do it again… but I suppose we will see how long my memory goes. TBH I am forgetting what I had this morning for breakfast. 

Now I’d like to know – what do you think? Was this a crazy plan or boss move?? Comment below!! If you were thinking of planning the decor of your own party and my story scared you off… reach out, I’d love to help! No one should be ordering her own baby flowers 😆

P.S. I promise to still be friends no matter how you answer 😆


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What happens when the florist herself does the flowers for her sons bris... 6 days post birth... Am I crazy or amazing...? 

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