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Floral Staging for Teela Bennett Design

We had a fabulous day staging florals for an interior design shoot with the talented Tony Hughes of the work of Teela Bennett Design. Working with so many artists is such a treat! We styled rooms in two homes and in Teela’s beautiful studio. Teela and her team do an exquisite job creating beautiful and functional homes and work spaces in the Cleveland area and beyond. Read on to learn more about floral staging and how it differs from our regular event work.

Flowers for shoots are very different from event and gift florals. The arrangements only need to look good in photos and you don’t need to worry about them lasting. This will sometimes prompt us to use florals that are nearly spent because they look their best before they expire. It is also different because the flowers are there to serve a purpose – to inject life in an otherwise very still setting. However, they are not meant to distract or be the focus of the image. Therefore, we tend to use a single flower type, monofloral, or at least keep the design in one color, monocolor. The vase is also an important piece of the design. The vase needs to be congruent with the design of the room.

What surprised me was that I had the most fun doing the floral staging for the bathrooms. I suppose it is a space that is often extra because it is a small area to decorate. It was exciting to add a pop of color and be the burst of excitement in the room!

These arrangements tend to last longer (although we send the flowers tight when they are going to clients so they have time to open throughout their life) because hardier, more interesting flowers are used. With our full-service delivery program, you can have interesting deliveries made weekly or bi-weekly. (Please note this is a luxury service, includes unique and customized vase rentals and starts at $250/delivery.)

Reach out to Teela Bennett Design if you need help reimagining your space and please contact us if you are in need of floral staging or regular home deliveries!

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What happens when the florist herself does the flowers for her sons bris... 6 days post birth... Am I crazy or amazing...? 

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