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Back to Class on the Mayesh Design Tour

I think this was the first time I was ever so excited to attend an all day long educational day! I had the pleasure of participating in the newly reinstated (post Corona) Mayesh design tour! What a memorable day! Amy is truly a fantastic educator and she had us working hard designing with intent and efficiency. Clients of mine know that I always start with color and emotion when beginning a design plan- so I was very glad that color theory was an important segment of Amy’s class. Then we dove into her revolutionary (don’t laugh- it really is!) spiral technique.

Mayesh, of course, created an ULTIMATE flower bar for us to choose from. Imagine going into your favorite clothing store and being told to Just grab whatever you fancy!! That’s totally what it was!┬áThere were flowers of every color, season and shape and size­čśŹ. We also got to see some new products that are under development. Look out for some really tremendous flowers in future designs!

I made some new floral friends! There were women from Michigan, Columbus and New York who Joined us! Then, the lovely Tanya photographed our creations. (Tanya took all the professional images on this post, including my blog headshot!). I am glad to say I took the title of getting the most pictures taken – I was having so much fun designing­čśŐ

 If all of that was not enough to make a florist dance with excitement, we were able to fill buckets with all of the gorgeous leftover product to take home! It was such a wonderful day of education, camaraderie and creativity! I look forward to next year’s class! 


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What happens when the florist herself does the flowers for her sons bris... 6 days post birth... Am I crazy or amazing...? 

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