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Design Competition with Mayesh

It was thrilling to be chosen as a regional competitor in Mayesh’s first ever Battle of the Blooms! This is an exciting design competition sponsored by Mayesh. Three other talented local florists and I were given a secret box of incredible Mayesh flowers. Then, in true Chopped style, we had to make a floral creation in exactly 30 minutes, using at least a stem of each flower variety in the box (of course I used up every last stem! More was definitely more in this case!). The botanicals the Cleveland Mayesh gave us (go Debbie!!!) were exquisite. Typically, I do not use tropicals together with more traditional blooms. I feel like tropical blooms are a theme of its own, however, the combination was magnificent!!

The competition was fierce. All the designers I competed against have individual visions. It was so cool to see how each of our unique styles came through in our final design! Each design was truly a masterpiece.  

Mayesh then took pictures of the arrangements and presented them for voting. I was so happy to hear that my design won the Cleveland vote! Next, my design ran against the winners of the other 19 Mayesh branches. I found out that I did not win the national competition when I was in the hospital having a baby, so I can not say I was too upset….😉

I hope Mayesh does this again!!! 

But, in the meantime, this got me thinking… why does a flower competition only have to be for the industry? Flowers are a great medium for all creative people to work with. If you would like to host a competition – it would be so much fun! The occasions this would be appropriate for are endless. Think, birthday, corporate, bat mitzvah, fundraisers… contact us for information!

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What happens when the florist herself does the flowers for her sons bris... 6 days post birth... Am I crazy or amazing...? 

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